Module 1 : The Mindset For Success

Having the Right Mindset Will Keep You In The Game.

Module 2 : Locally Marketing Your SEO Services

Show Your Customer Value then Prove Your Worth So You Get Paid.

Module 3: Your Marketing Advantage & Strategy

Take Advantage of Your Marketing Edge With Proven Strategy

Module 4 : Action, Interest, Desire and Call To Action

Discover How To Attract Leads and Convert Them Into Buyers

Module 5 : Get Your Videos On Page 1 

Learn the Basics of Ranking Videos On Page 1 of Google and YouTube.

Module 6 : On the Backs of Giants

Get Trained By Industry Leaders and Use Their Marketing Tools

Module 7 : Blogging – Your Online Marketing Home

Your Blog Defines You – It Is “You Inc.” and Your Base of Credibility

Module 8 : Lights, Audio & Camera

You Need To Get This Right But it Does Not Have To Be Expensive.

Module 9 : Video Strategy &  Creation

Best Practice For Recording Video and Turning It Into A Lead Generation Tool.

Module 10 : Simple Design Tools

Low Cost Or Free Tools To Design Your Advertising Copy.

Module 11 : Syndication – Get The Word Out – On Auto Pilot

Learn How To 10 X Your Advertising By Automating Your Work.